One-stop-shop for the healthcare, pharma, biotech and utility sectors

CCG Holding operates a group of trustworthy companies, specialized in the design and implementation of high-quality interiors, controlled environments, innovative solutions and general construction in the healthcare, pharma, biotech, utility sectors, as well as luxury villa construction. Each company operates autonomously, but combine and utilizes each other’s expertise and skills.


Six subsidiary companies operate under the sail of CCG Holding; each with their own knowledge, expertise and focus areas.


The power of CCG Holding is supported by the synergy between each individual division: Cleanroom Combination Group, RFC Products, Gebe Interieurbouw, Gebe Bouw, Rooms For Care and CCG Belgium. Each of which has its own independent operational and financial responsibilities. However, their joint and proactive approach benefits both the business and customers. Units can combine their expertise in general construction, implemenation and fixed decoration. This does not only benefit style, but also in the area of functionality.

Comprehensive solutions at one place with a single contact, saves all parties time and money and keeps unnecessary workload to a minimum. This is particularly important in renovation projects, in which processes are time and budget sensitive, this approach offers the ideal solution.

CCG Holding is a flat and transparent organization. Thanks to a pragmatic and service-oriented approach, short and clear communications to customers means expectations are well translated. From the first sketch to the implementation and follow-up. The companies constantly look to distinctive products and services which are of value to their customers. Quality, functionality, safety and durability go hand-in-hand.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility, sustainability and environmental management are interwoven within CCG Holding and all its companies. In daily practice it mains balance between People, Planet and Profit. The companies are a.o. ISO, VCA and FSC/PEFC-certified.

Education and training of the staff is considered of paramount importance. Internships are offered regularly, next to it Gebe Interieurbouw is accredited as an official training institute. CCG Holding has a sponsor-partnership with among others Rijnstate Vriendenfonds and various other social projects.


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