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CCG Holding includes the subsidiaries Cleanroom Combination Group, GB Construct and CCG Belgium. The companies are specialized in the design and realization of controlled environments and general construction in healthcare, pharma, biotech and high-end utility sectors.
The companies use each other’s expertise and skills wherever possible.


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CCG Holding is a flat and transparent organisation. Thanks to a pragmatic and service-oriented approach, as well as short and clear lines of communication, customer expectations are well translated. From the first sketch to the execution and follow-up. Cleanroom Combination Group and GB Construct are always looking for innovative solutions, distinctive products and services which are of value tot heir customers.

Their joint and proactive approach benefits both the business and customers. One-stop shopping at just one point of contact saves parties time and money. Especially in renovation projects, in which processes mus proceed unhindered, this approach offers the ideal solution.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility, sustainability and environmental management are part of the philosophy of CCG Holding and its subsidiaries. The companies are ISO, VCA certified. Education and training of the staff is of importance and internships are regularly offered. CCG Holding has sponsorship collaborations with, among others, Rijnstate Vriendenfonds and various other social projects.


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CCG Belgium
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Synthon Nijmegen

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